The People Matter Mission is to empower people to be their best at work. We aim to protect individuals and organisations from the negative impact of stress-related illness and promote positive wellness and productivity at work.

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How it works


When we communicate and interact electronically at work – a rich data trail is left behind. People Matter uses the latest Machine Learning technologies to uncover previously hidden patterns in this data. In doing so we provide an unfiltered view of how people are feeling – based on their day to day working interactions. This analysis grows in sophistication over time, as the system learns the communication DNA of your business.

By working with People Matter, you can ask “How Are You Today” – at scale across your business – at an individual, team or company level – without needing to rely completely on surveys and external engagement measures.

We are focussing our technology in the first instance on Mental Wellness – building our machine learning capabilities to spot electronic communication patterns that could indicate stress or anxiety. In doing we offer individuals that could be at high risk – completely confidential early help and support. We offer companies a view on mental wellbeing across the organisation.

Access to our data interpretation through an accessible Dash-Board will provide Employers with detailed, secure and anonymised MI – a heat-map of their employee’s behaviour.

Employees are able to use a guiding App to help them react when it appears stress levels are changing.







This is the future of wellness.

We help you answer:

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How it works


We all want to be happy, healthy and successful at work.

But why does it feel often feel so un-achievable? Despite our best efforts.

Why do some employees burn out or get bored by their work, whereas others are so enthusiastic about their work that time seems to fly?

These are the big questions that psychologists have been trying to answer for decades.

Every day at work we experience a diverse mix of demands that drain our energy.

Many of us are familiar with juggling these, whether it be a tight deadline, taking on additional workload, dealing with ambiguity or uncertainty due to organisational changes, putting up with a bad manager… etc etc.. Dealing with challenge at work can be positive to spark a sense of flow and peak performance, however when we experience sustained excessive demands that we can’t cope with, many of us become stressed and worse, burned out.

Our platform analyses a number of ‘clues’ that indicate whether someone could be at risk or experiencing stress at work.

Every individual will experience stress differently based on their unique demands, resources available and personal characteristics. We ensure we understand all aspects to give an accurate, unfiltered view of how people are feeling.

Job demands are the “bad things” that deplete us of our energy, usually requiring sustained physical or mental effort with some physiological or psychologoical cost (Demerouti, Bakker, Nachreiner and Schaufeli (2001; p. 501)

Our platform analyses workplace communication and activity to identify clues that individuals may be dealing with significant demands. This could include email volumes.

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Job Resources >

Resources provide us with the energising aspects of our work that motivate and engage us. They are both personal and environment, such as social support, feedback, job control, self-esteem, optimism, resilience, job-fit… etc etc.

Our platform looks for positive indicators of resources that help support individuals, including patterns of organisational networks, interpersonal relationships and language semantics in day-to-day digital communication. We also learn individuals over time, understanding their unique personality and natural resilience to deal with stress.

When we start to feel stress, we often experience physical, psychological and behavioural strains and changes. We might become more withdrawn, experience fatigue and dropped responsiveness, headaches and find ourselves reacting emotionally.

Spotting these changes quickly helps to prevent stress turning in to burn out, a chronic form of exhaustion that leads to many serious health and negative organisation outcomes. Our platform intuitively and quickly flags changes in behavioural, emotional and psychological patterns to ensure stress does not become a problem.

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Cultural &
Behavioural Profile >

As our platform gets to know your organisation, it will start to identify your unique organisational DNA to help you better understand the more pervasive and damaging behaviours and expectations demanded of your people. It will also be able to learn critical resources that are important to boosting employee wellness and engagement so that you can nurture a happy, productive and ‘peak performance’ culture.

We believe that as we harness AI with our customers, we’ll start to identify critical insights on important workplace issues such as:

  • Inclusion
  • Harassment, bullying
  • Manager and leadership capability
  • Anxiety & mental health issues