About belonging


We believe our workplace should be a place where we can be yourself, feel engaged and do great work. We shouldn’t settle for less. When we do, we we achieve amazing things, and organisations hugely benefit from this too.

About Peak Performance

Peak Performance

With less stress and greater focus on wellness and engagement, we believe people and organisations can find their flow. That is, their optimal states of consciousness, those peak moments of total absorption where self vanishes, time flies, and all aspects of performance go through the roof.

About fulfillment


We created People Matter with the ambition to make a profound difference to how we experience work every day to help everyone be their best self.

Our Values


We are not afraid to do what hasn’t been done before. We love what we do. We are brave to push boundaries, ask the difficult questions and face challenges. We are passionate and determined to make a difference.


We take pride in doing the right thing. We are always honest and take responsibility to make things better. We are human. We seek to understand without judgement and embrace the vibrant diversity of human beings.

Our Team

Our team is passionate about using technology as a force for good. We bring together a diverse range of experience, capability and personalities to make the magic happen at PeopleMatter.


Nigel Winship

Founder, CEO

Nigel is an experienced Technology Entrepreneur who has already built and sold a couple of highly successful technology companies. Latterly when CEO of Orbital Integrated Solutions – the team won IBM’s Software Partner of the Year in 2013 and in 2014 was IBM’s UK Technical Excellence award winner.

Nigel has a deep interest in the application of technology and how technology can be utilised as a force for good in the world. Nigel’s recent work has been looking at how new sources of people data can be analysed to make work and life better for everyone. Outside of working with amazing people and solving meaningful problems – Nigel enjoys spending time with his family, singing in a rock band and watching in beloved AFC Bournemouth.


Kirstie Kelly

Strategic Partnerships Director

With more than 20 years in the Recruitment and HR space, Kirstie is passionate about people in business. She believes that the world of work should be a positive place and that technology is the disruptor with the potential to finally bring about that change.

Kirsty was one of the founding directors of LaunchPad, a video-led technology that enables businesses to make fair, inclusive and un-biased decisions, and she’s also advisor to a number of fast-growth businesses. In her work with clients she helps businesses to change entrenched behaviours – creating systematic and engaging processes to improve decision making about people and culture. An active speaker and blogger, you’ll find Kirstie musing over the subjects of the changing face of HR and business where fairness and inclusion matter.


Amy King

Research Director

Amy is a passionate business psychologist who has worked with FTSE 100 organisations around the world. She has spent the past 8 years consulting with clients to help transform the world of work, focusing on improving culture, leadership and talent through technology.

Much of her work has specialised in helping organisations more accurately identify predictors of performance at work, analysing intrinsic characteristics such as personality, motivation and behaviour to help people be brilliant at work. Amy most recently worked for The Chemistry Group in a number of roles, helping to build the IP, leading the Consulting and Customer Success teams, and delivering strategic client engagements across recruitment, talent insight and behavioural development solutions to improve business outcomes. She is now deeply motivated to help organisations build positive and high performance working cultures through wellness and fulfilment at work, bringing together her expertise in people, psychology and technology.