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Intelligent Wellness.

Our intelligent platform helps reveal hidden indicators of mental well-being through everyday workplace communication to help people and organisations protect against the negative impact of stress and burnout.

Using the latest innovations in AI and behavioural science, we help you pre-empt problems before they occur.

1 in 2 of all working days lost due to ill health is linked to stress, anxiety or depression (ONS)

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12.5 million days lost due to stress, anxiety or depression (HSE, 2016/2017)

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In the UK alone, £27bn lost every year due to stress related illness

We believe in a better way.

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Imagine a world where everyone felt their best every day.

Our platform effortlessly identifies hidden risks and opportunities to strengthen everyone’s wellness, productivity and performance.

We help you answer:

Why People Matter

Personalised Wellness

Personalised wellness insights of how you, your team and your organisation are feeling. Our intelligent platform uses machine learning to understand your unique communication DNA and provides personalised insights, mental wellness recommendations and early interventions to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Combats Stress

Early identification of your hidden stress risk, before problems occur.  Insights take away the emotion of stress and help enable early intervention. We help you find and unlock latent productivity and performance so that everyone can find their ‘flow.’

Builds Engagement

We design our platform with employees at the heart, providing best in class resources and support personalised to help them be their best at work. We make it simple, and easy for everyone to have a good day at work.

Unfiltered Data Source

We don’t use surveys. Our technology enables an unfiltered view of how your people feel at work; a true reading of hidden stress, wellness and engagement across all levels of your organisation. We provide you with the ‘ground-truth.’


Effortless deployment without the hassle of surveys or big project teams. Our technology plugs in to your existing communication channels to analyse patterns of wellness and stress indicators in everyday language and activity.

Trusted and Secure

Safe with guaranteed security and protection to your company and employees. We keep data anonymous and confidential

“Many people are needlessly unhappy and over stressed at work. Technology can help. We can and must do better at both identifying when interventions are needed and in providing a more personalised wellness experience .”

– Nigel Winship, Founder of PeopleMatter